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Your Top Questions Answered . . . 

1 - The Difference 

 What Makes Amore Lux Studios Different Than Other Photography Companies?

Amore Lux Studios was founded on three things: (1) Give clients an amazing experience with beautiful imagery! (2) Treat them with the highest quality professionalism & integrity. (3) Experience, education & technicality should produce imagery/film that stands above the rest.

We LOVE our clients! I mean really love and deeply care about you, so client care is our top priority. You will always be treated with the greatest respect and integrity.  Because of this, from the time of our initial meeting all the way to final image/film delivery you will feel loved and cared for. We want to produce the highest quality work that you will LOVE. With over 500 weddings and photo-sessions between us, and more than 30 years experience, we can handle just about any situation that comes our way. Newer, cheaper photographers or companies that have a plethora of photographers (who you may or may not get to know before your wedding day) don’t understand how important client care and experience is. Their bottom line is to book as many weddings as they can, to make as much money as they can, and many don’t even care if you are taken care of along the way.  Amore lux Studios only takes a limited number of weddings a year, so you know you will get our undivided attention every step of the way.

At Amore Lux Studios, we are not only passionate about our work, but we are passionate about our clients and how they are cared for. Continuing education is equally important, and when we aren't photographing/filming, we are continuing to take classes and stay proactive in obtaining knowledge of the latest techniques, technology & equipment.  We hand-edit every photo, and every frame of film, and do not outsource our editing workflows (unlike other companies in town).  We use only the highest quality printing labs and album binders for our printed materials and albums.  Many years of great education, passion, research and investment have gone into creating a company that not only celebrates your love and lifestyle, by providing beautiful imagery/film, but also respects and adores YOU, as an individuals. We want you to be able to say, "WOW, what an incredible EXPERIENCE we had with Amore Lux Studios! WE are obsessed with our images, and can’t wait to work with them again. THAT is what makes us different.


What Is The Process Of Booking Amore Lux Studios For My wedding Day?

The process to book any Amore Lux Studios Photographer or Cinematographer is listed below, and we are here to help every step of the way:

1. Contact Us - View our website & portfolios, then complete an easy-breezy online Wedding Inquiry Form which let's us know what you are looking for. You can also schedule your complimentary Bridal Consultation at that time.
2. Bridal Consultation -  let's chat and get to know one another at your favorite coffee spot (special incentives for our wedding couples, during meeting).
3. Review & Sign our standard wedding photography/cinematography contract.
4. Submit Specified Collection Non-Refundable Retainer fee to book your wedding date and professional.

Yayyyy, once these steps are completed, you are officially booked and now a part of the Amore Lux Studios Family. Get ready for an amazing experience!

3-Retainer Fee

Why Do I Have To Pay A Non-Refundable Retainer Fee Upon Booking?

The non-refundable retainer fee is used to reserve/block your date and photographer or cinematographer on our calendar, so that no one else can reserve your wedding date or artist. This fee is deducted from your total wedding services cost, so that your final payment(s) are minimized. It is also used to show your level of commitment in investing in your timeless wedding day memories.  We take a limited amount of weddings each year, so that we can give our complete attention and care to you, as our client. By submitting your retainer payment you are letting us know that you care about the quality of your images and the integrity of the professionals you are hiring to capture those memories. 


Why Are Kelly & MJ considered Master Level Artists?

We have 2 wonderful Master Level Artists (Kelly & MJ) with 30 years of combined experience at your service. They are called Master Level Artists, because they have mastered their craft, having completed over 500 weddings, with very happy clients. They are seasoned professionals with amazing reviews, and are able to handle just about any situation that happens on your wedding day, and provide a wonderful experience for you every step of the way. 


What Kind of Camera & Editing Equipment Do You Use?

Both of our Master Level Artists use Canon cameras. We use the Mark IV (which is the highest rated Canon camera), along with many lenses which have the highest ratings. It is very important that we utilize the highest performance and quality camera gear and lenses, which will produce those glorious RAW images/film, that lay a strong and cohesive foundation before editing can begin. Kelly is the photography editor, and she hand-edits every image using a Mac computer. All images are edited in Adobe Lightroom. Occasionally she will place an image in Adobe photoshop for some extra TLC. She edits your images with great care in her unique style of color correction, and settings which provide a cohesive look and feel to your gallery. MJ is the Film Editor, and he utilizes Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut, along with some ninja sound balance and music overlay which requires next-level editing skills. Our combined cost for all photo/film and editing equipment is well over $65,000, and requires replacement or maintenance on a regular basis.

6-Engagement Session

What If We Decide That An Engagement Session Isn't Necessary?

You are more than welcome to skip booking an engagement session, however we highly recommended that every couple consider it, before the wedding day. This is a great opportunity to get to know MJ & Kelly better, and see their personalities and styles (in person) so you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera, and with them on your wedding day.  Our “Amore All-Inclusive Wedding Photography Collection” comes with a complimentary 1 hour engagement session. Booked separately, engagement sessions start at 350.00 per hour. 

7-Image Resolution

What Is The Difference Between Full Resolution Images
& Low Resolution (web-sized) Images?

Full resolution images are used for printing purposes, so couples who want to be able to use a printing laboratory of their choice (rather than Amore's high quality printing services) and have full printing rights and licensing of images, are willing to invest in those images.  In contrast, wedding clients who are primarily interested in sharing their wedding images on social media, and storing them specifically on their computers or USB, would rather have the lower cost option of low-resolution (web-size) images, with a printed album and high quality prints, through Amore Lux Studios. So whether you are on a tighter budget, or have room to splurge on your wedding day images, you have several options to choose from that fit your needs.


Who Retains The Copyright Of All Images?

I'm sure you have seen other photographers in town say that if a client books them, they will give the client full copyrights of all images.  Unfortunately this is a VERY false statement, and not an accurate use of the term "copyright" in regards to photography. What they really mean is that they are giving you "licensing" to use their copyrighted work to make prints, and share them with others.  Or another term is "printing rights with full licensing." 

A copyright is a legal device that gives the creator of a literary, artistic, musical, or other creative work the sole right to publish and sell copies of that work. Copyright owners have the right to control the reproduction of their work, including the right to receive payment for that reproduction. An author may grant or sell those rights to others, including publishers, clients or recording companies. Violation of a copyright is called infringement. Copyright is a property right. Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation. In other words . . . the person who takes the photo owns the copyright, by law. Amore Lux Studios would be the rightful copyrighted owner of any image taken at a client's wedding, however, the client would be purchasing a copy of the original image (whether a digital copy or printed) for their personal use.  It is the same if you were purchasing a designer purse from the Coach store.  You probably wouldn't expect for Coach to simply hand you the copyrights for the design of a particular purse you purchased from them right?  Because you purchased a "copy" of the original design, and are not the creator of the design. Hope this helps clarify the difference.

9- Wedding Day Timeline

How Does The Wedding Day Timeline Work, and What Does A Standard Timeline Look Like?

Usually 2-3 months before your wedding we will get together and go over your wedding day timeline, in regards to photography.  We usually tell our clients that photography is one of the biggest parts of their day (in amount of time), so it is important to chat with us first before making any huge decisions regarding your wedding day timeline.  It can make a difference regarding your wedding day experience (overall feel of the day). If you are having your ceremony earlier in the day and there is a few hours before the reception begins, then keeping it traditional without a "First" Look" will be just fine.  But if you have very little time between the ceremony and reception, we will always HIGHLY recommend a Bride & Groom First Look, so that all of the formal photos can be concluded before the ceremony begins.  Here is an example of our signature wedding day timeline, that contains all the information needed, for your bridal party/family to be in the right place at the right time for photos:



10 - Owner

Who Owns Amore Lux Studios?

Amore Lux Studios is owned and directed by Kelly Barry-Miller.

11 - Bridal Boudoir

What Are The Benefits Of Booking A Bridal Boudoir?

Many of our Bridal clients have booked Amore Lux Studios, prior to the wedding day, for their Bridal Boudoir Photo-Session.  It is a truly special time together, to create a one-of-a-kind wedding present for your groom/beloved, which can be presented to him as a wedding gift. It is also a time of great confidence-building and empowerment as a woman - to help you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. We have a Bridal Boudoir Suite at the studio, along with a jacuzzi tub, so that you can feel pampered and taken care of while obtaining unique photos in very comfortable spaces.  

12 - Signature Albums

What Makes Your Fine-Art Albums Different?

We are one of the very few companies that have partnered with a premiere album printing and binding company called GraphiStudios (based in Italy), to be able to offer the finest quality albums in the country. GraphiStudios has a very extensive vetting process, in which they only allow top tier photography companies to utilize their services.  Your Amore Lux Studios Album Designer will personally work with you to create the wedding or boudoir album of your dreams, through a private password protected online album portal that will allow you to review and proof each page, as well as leaving notes for one another.  Once you've approved each page, and chosen your colors, the album design is sent directly to Italy for printing and binding. Then 3-4 weeks later you have a gorgeous fine-art album in your hands.  We make the process easy for you. Our client favorite album right now is called the GoBook.  Take a look at the video below to see it firsthand. Then head on over to our Album Design area to learn more . . . 

13 - Cinematography

Why Do You Call It Cinematography & Not Videography? Why Should I Book Amore Lux Studios For My Wedding Video?

One of the reasons we have chosen to call it Cinematography, rather than Videography is due to the nature of the way MJ films your wedding, and his background and expertise.  MJ has a background in professional film Cinematography.  So he is not only formally educated as a DP (Director of Photography on film sets), but also take his craft very seriously.  He didn't just go out and buy a video camera, he has high-end film equipment meant for and used on Hollywood film sets and independent films.  MJ is even listed on the IMDB (Internet Movie Database), because he has made movies of his own. If you want next-level film footage, precision editing and creative music overlay on your wedding film, then booking MJ is the way to go! He is definitely considered one of the top wedding cinematographers in the Twin Cities, and nationwide. 


14 - Reviews

Where Can I Find Your Reviews or Give A Review?

We have a special place on our website for you to be able to see what our clients are saying (button below). And if you are a client that wants to share about your experience, you can complete a testimonial form.  If you would like to see our reviews on social media feel free to head on over to our Amore Lux Studios Facebook page

15 - Incentives

What Value Added Incentives Can I Expect
To Receive By Booking Amore Lux Studios?

We have quite a few incentives, for choosing us as your wedding professionals, and the specific incentives that we have in place right now are as follows. We allow one incentive per couple to choose:

(1) Book your complimentary in-person Bridal Consultation with us, and if you choose to book Amore Lux Studios for your wedding day photography (within 24 hours), you will receive a complimentary 1 hour Engagement Session at no cost (worth $350.00), or alternative 1 hour photo-session added if you are booking our All-Inclusive Collection.

(2) Book both Photography & Cinematography for your wedding day, and receive an automatic HUGE discount.

(3) We LOVE our US military, and armed forces, so an automatic 20% discount is applied for all wedding services/products purchased by military families.

(4) Off-Season Weddings (November - March) or weddings that take place on another day of the week (other than Saturdays) receive a 10% discount off all services.

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Head on over to our Wedding Inquiry Form, and let us know your preferences, and see if we are available for your wedding date.  Yayyyy, can't wait to meet you!