Terms Of Service

When purchasing a product/services from Amore Lux Studios, you are agreeing to these terms:
• I have read Amore Lux Studios Copyright Information and I understand the terms of use.
• I am aware that certain print/film products are digital download and that physical product may not be shipped to me.
• I understand the items I am purchasing (if digital) and I have the necessary software and skills to use them.
• I understand that Amore Lux Studios offers print product(s) I may be purchasing and that I am responsible for using a printing lab within the specifications of contract and providing product specs (sizing, color profiles, quantities, etc.)
• I am not a photographer/cinematographer and do not offer or work for a company who offers similar products/services to Amore Lux Studios.
• I agree not to transfer, resell, or share this product in any way except as designated by the Copyright Information.
• I have checked my order for errors and I understand all sales are final and that refunds and exchanges are not available.
• Once you purchase products/services from Amore Lux Studios, it is your responsibility to download and backup your files immediately.  Your download link via Pixieset will be active for 3 months or 3 download attempts (whichever comes first). Amore Lux Studios is not responsible for files lost, deleted, or damaged by the user. Order resets with a new download link are available through Amore Lux Studios for a fee of $25.

Can I use the photos or products on your site or blog on my website/marketing materials/catalog?
Unfortunately, you can not use our photos on your own materials.  Because our photos are copyrighted images that are the property of the photographers that created them, anyone claiming them as their own will be in violation of those copyrights. 

What do you mean by the word “license” when referring to the terms of use for your photos/film?
When you Amore Lux Studios photography or cinematography services/materials or any other product from us, you are not buying the copyright to the product, but are buying the right to use the product in a certain way.  This is commonly called “licensing” a product.  Amore Lux Studios still owns the copyright to the photos/film and all content, and are licensing the use of that copyright to you for a fee.  Because you are not purchasing the copyright to the items you download, you may not use them in any way that is not expressly permitted.  For example, you may not copy, loan, give away, or sell the product to someone else, because the copyright remains the property of the creator (Amore Lux Studios) and can only be copied, loaned, given away, or sold by the owner.

You say I cannot copy the product because that is against the terms of use. I have two computers in my office and one at my home. What can I do?
You may make a copy of a photos/film provided that you personally own all of the computers to which it is copied.  For example, in your office you have two computers.  One for you, and one for your significant other or family. It is fine to have a copy of any product you buy on each computer because you are the owner of both machines.  However, it is not permitted, for example, to copy the files to a friend/extended family member,  because you do not own the computer to which the files are being copied.

I am a graphic designer.  May I use your products to create designs for my clients?
Our designs are available for personal client use only only and may not be used in assignments by graphic designers. Additionally, we cannot offer our products to designers or those who own or work for a company who offers similar products to Amore Lux Studios.

I saw photos/film footage that looks just like one of yours on another site! Do you have a resale program?
No. But we do have a zero tolerance policy for theft of our products/images/film and intellectual property. Please email us here and know we will respect your privacy 100%. Since 2010 Amore Lux Studios has legally enforced our rights on numerous occasions and are extremely prepared to handle any legal issue that may arise in regard to plagiarism, theft, and copyright infringement.

Are there any additional Privacy Policies I should know about?
Yes, please be sure to read our our Privacy Policy here, regarding how we utilize any information given to us via our website or newletter forms. We are GDPR compliant.

Updated May 23, 2018