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Your Engagement Session

Preparation Guide

Yayyyyy, your engagement session is coming soon, and we are so excited to get to know you both better, and capture your love in a beautiful way! There are just a few important ways that you can prepare for this session ahead of time, so please make sure and READ this entire article, for keys to obtaining gorgeous imagery.  If you have any questions along the way, feel free to send us a note. Let's get started . . . 

Choose Your Mua/Hair Crew

Choosing the right Hair and Makeup Professionals is vital to the final outcome of your images.  Common everyday street makeup simply cannot withstand the scrutiny of our Ultra High Definition camera sensors, so you will definitely want to consider a professional that can get you camera ready with HD makeup for this session.  We encourage all of our brides to use this time period to "try" out a professional and see if they can provide what you are looking for your wedding day, during the engagement session. The crew you choose will make the difference between "okay" images and "OMG GORGEOUS" pictures.  If you are located in Minneapolis | St. Paul area we highly recommend Warpaint International Beauty Agency.  If you are located in Dallas | Ft. Worth, Texas area then we recommend either GlamFaces (Plano), or XXOO Studio (Ft. Worth)

Inspiration | Looks | Style

FIRST – check out Pinterest for endless inspiration. You will learn how other couples have embraced their connection to one another and ways to express it in front of the camera, in unique locations. If you haven't already . . . create your own Pinterest board and start pinning your ideas – and feel free to share with us so that we can get a feel for the vibe you’re going for. As with every session, yours will be uniquely individual, with a different atmosphere, that may be different from your inspirational photos. Each photographer has a style that may be able to emulate Pinterest photos, but not duplicate them.  Please take this into consideration when viewing completed photos in your gallery.

Here are some other tips for finding looks that will enhance the love you have for one another during your shoot:

VISUALIZE the clothing, heels/shoes, accessories and props you will want to wear for your shoot. Check out Pinterest inspiration photos to discover ways to pair colors, fabrics and styles to enhance your individual personalities, while also complimenting one another's look. Also make sure to check with your photographer on the colors of your engagement session location to make the colors you choose are not only complimentary to one another, but will not conflict with your location choice, as well. 

SHOP your closet for the items you instinctively select when you want to feel your very best. Let your imagination roam! Or grab a style-savvy and fun-loving friend and hit the clothing stores to hunt down an ensemble that not only flatters your figure, but also makes you feel comfortable, unquestionably beautiful and relaxed.

PICK OUT clothing that beautifully enhances your body shapes, personalities and that is not too tight or too loose on your frame. Layers and accessories always help, because you can take off a vest, hat, scarf, coat or sweater and make it a uniquely different outfit without having to find a changing room. This is also true for jewelry.

BRING SOMETHING MEANINGFUL to the both of you.  Whether it is a scrabble board you played on your first date, a cocktail napkin from your first "happy hour" together, or a sign that simply says "thank you" to show appreciation to your wedding guests (thank you cards).  


A Week Before . . . 

EYEBROWS: Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed. This applies to the gentlemen as well.

SALON: If you’re planning to visit the salon for a haircut or color, then give yourself a few days to make sure you are happy with it. Men, make sure and get a "clean-up" around the edges if you do not want to receive a full haircut.

MANICURE: Ladies, be sure to get a salon manicure and pedicure if you want a flawless finish, because we will be doing a few close-up pics with your ring. Men you may want to consider this as well, because your hands may be used in some of the images.

SUNBURN NO NO: Stay out of the sun – while a base tan will be nice in photos, red, blotchy skin will not. If one of you plans on tanning then you both should consider this, so that there isn't a huge contrast in your skin tones.

PLEASE – DO NOT SPRAY TAN. This can cause an orange discoloration of skin tones in your photos, and color-correcting it can get very time-consuming and tricky. Just remember . . . Natural is better.

HYDRATE & MOISTURIZE: Drink plenty of water, and maintain a great skincare routine for luminous skin.

SALT: Lower your salt intake and avoid alcohol if you’re worried about retaining water.

ONE LAST FITTING: Try on your outfits to make sure they fit properly; remove all tags and labels. Steam or iron your ensembles and hang them properly so they keep their shape before your photo session.


The Day Before

Bathe, shave and moisturize.

Double-check everything is properly packed and ready for the shoot: heels, extra shoes, jewelry, accessories, props, blankets, water bottles etc.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the photo location without stressing. Check weather and traffic reports to ensure you have allotted enough time for unexpected delays. Expect to arrive 15 minutes before your engagement session begins, so that we can go over what to expect and some key phrases we may be using for specific poses and prompts.

Enjoy a relaxed, quiet evening, and PLEASE whatever you do together . . . DO NOT ARGUE!! LOL This may sound strange, but we have had several couples get into verbal disagreements the night before the session, and it REALLY affected their images.  Make sure and stay in a place of love for one another, don't talk about bills, stresses or worries ( I know, easier said than done, right?) and make sure you practice lightly kissing.  Yep that's right . . . KISS, because a normal kiss doesn't always translate on camera, so practice kissing while gently touching one another's lips, rather than going in for the kill. This will be a fun exercise to get you ready for all the kissing you will be doing the next day for the camera ;-)

Plan for a good night’s sleep – eight to nine hours is ideal.


The Day Of Your Engagement Session

Use clear deodorant please, if wearing strapless dresses.

Eat something light, but filling before you leave the house, and make sure to use the restroom (some locations, especially rural, may not have easily accessible bathrooms).

Arrive with hair, and makeup camera ready (preferably by a professional hair/makeup artist). Ladies bring lipgloss or lipstick for re-application. Gentlemen bring lip balm to reapply.

Have your final payment ready if booking Engagement session separate from wedding contract (check, credit card, or cash).

Most important: Take a deep breath and RELAX. It’s completely normal to be a wee bit nervous before your shoot, but please don’t worry because you will be in very good hands. We will show you exactly how to pose and work with you to get the perfect shot.


Relax & have fun!
This is the time to celebrate YOU Two
& the love you share!