Kelly Barry-Miller

Executive Director | Owner
Award-Winning Master Level Photographer | Editor

Travels worldwide, while also maintaining photography commissions
in Minnesota, Dallas/Fort Worth & the Colorado Mountain region.
She takes a limited number of weddings each year so she can give her full heart & soul
to each of her clients!


Kelly's bubbly personality and her attention to detail have coined her the nickname "Momma Kelly" because of her sweet nurturing, warm and giving spirit that client's love.  They feel protected, cared for and know she is going to go above and beyond to make sure they are happy and treated well every step of the way. Her laugh is contagious, and the creative fun you’ll have with Kelly behind the lens, will bring incredible dynamic & authentic images.

 Photographic Journey

She’s intensely studied photography for many years, but for the last 10 years she's been a professional photographer, with a keen focus on lifestyle sessions & weddings, because she says, "It always takes my breath away when I see two people so madly in love, and the way they look at one another is deeply moving and spiritual.  Prior to focusing on weddings, Kelly worked full time in the film Industry as a Still photographer (behind the lens) and in front of the camera, as an actress on film and commercial sets.  Because of this, her clients know they can trust her first-hand to lovingly coach them along the way; feeling more confident in front of the camera.  When someone is pointing a lens in your direction, it can initially be intimidating, so she loves being able to laugh and have fun with her couples along the way, so there is a genuine expression of their love given. 

"I've  had truly amazing opportunities as a professional photographer, to work with celebrities, music artists, models, actors, filmmakers and my favorite -- BY FAR -- are REAL everyday people! For me, the passion is in getting to know YOU and hear your journey in life, and what makes you uniquely YOU! To truly capture someone in a photo, I have to know who you are and what your soul emanates. Anyone can take out a camera and capture a photo, but my passion is capturing the spirit, the soul, the journey that is told on ones face, on their expressions, so that every photo speaks to them and to all who see that image. It’s about working in a greater dimension of awareness regarding photography, that bypasses the superficial. I’m not simply there to take photos, and make you look stunning . . . I’m there to tell a story of your journey through life, the story which has brought you to this moment in time, that has brought you to this place, which will be sealed in the hearts and minds of your family for generations to come, and long after you are gone. I don’t take that lightly. It is an honor, it is a privilege, and it is SACRED.” ~ Kelly

Photographic Style

Light, bright and beautifully detailed mixture of formal and fun candid images, taken in an unobtrusive, creative and unique way, while also having fun and ensuring client comfort. Kelly uses natural light as much as possible, to create dynamic photographic works of art, which provide exquisite composition and visual storytelling. It is very important that her clients receive a "physical" representation of their memories, and not simply digital images on CD or USB. Providing a luxury heirloom Italian album, along with many customized print/design options, demonstrates her deeper level of commitment and investment in her clients memories. 

 Hobbies | Interests

When she is not pouring her heart and soul into her clients, you can find her curled up with a good book (historical fiction or Biographies are her fancy) or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe for her family, with Chillstep playing in the background, and pumpkin spice/vanilla candles lit around the house. “I’m a homebody and domestic at heart. My joy is in having everything organized and in the right place, and creating atmospheres that produce comfort and peace, making my home/office a welcoming place for all who enter. Beautifully prepared food, with family and loved ones surrounding; fireplace lit, and contented faces all around . . . now THAT is heaven to me.”

Personal Invitation

So now that you know a little bit about Kelly, she cannot wait to get to know YOU; hear your story and vision for your portrait session. "Let's get together, have some coffee or tea, and enjoy chatting, in a no-pressure atmosphere. Expect a few little surprises along the way, because my consultations and client meetings may include a few interactive elements to make you smile - this will NOT be a boring meeting, by any stretch of the imagination, LOL"