Barry Family Photo-Session Fort Worth, Tx
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As a professional photographer, I am always reminding my clients how important it is to create family memories, and hire a professional photographer, so those memories will be captured with great love and care.  I decided to heed my own advice and take the time to create my own family memories, while everyone was gathered together in Texas.  My Dad has had a few life-changing surgeries and we realized that we didn't have many up-to-date professional images.  So last month we traveled from Minnesota to Texas to celebrate a few family milestones, as well as taking pictures of the ones we love.  There are a few family members missing from these images due to being out of town, but I will be sure to photograph them next time.

Just remember . . .  you don't have to have a picturesque place to take photos.  I took these in my parents back yard, during a spontaneous Sunday family dinner and birthday celebration.  Everyone was asked to grab outfits that complimented one another (and their significant other and kiddos), and be ready for the camera. WHALAH  . . . the loves of my life were photographed, at ease in the backyard, and now these images can be a special part of our memories.  Take a look, and then contact us asap for your next family gathering. It doesn't have to be formal, or stressful.  Let's just have fun together while you nosh on crudite and shrimp on the barbie ;-)

~Kelly Barry-Miller
Owner/Executive Director/Photographer


My Mom & Dad 


These two have been married for 55 years, have been through so much together (including a near death experience for my Dad after he had 3rd degree burns from a work explosion, all over his body), a huge move from New York to Texas, and many many trials along the way!  They are true role models of committment and unconditional love through the years.  


My Sister & Her Family


These two have been married for 33 years, and live on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  They recently weathered through a hurricane that ravaged their hometown, and lived to tell the story!  In October they will witness their 3rd child married to her beloved, so they can tell you what it is like to plan and pay for many weddings.  


My Sister And Her Daughters


The Newleyweds

Jen & Ryan have been married 5 years, and just purchased their first home in North Texas.  Jen is a trauma room Nurse and Ryan is living the dream in corporate America.  They are getting pretty tired of everyone asking them when they are going to have a baby, but we think it will be very soon!


Husband & Wife To-Be

Michelle & Jon are set to be married in October, 2018, and we can't wait to witness their beautiful wedding day.  Guess who gets to be the photographer?


My Brother & His Family


Married almost 30 years, these two are amazing!  They met at church and have raised 1 beautiful girl and two masculine and creative boys.  One of their sons is serving our country as a Marine, and it was so great to see him after over a year away.  He is about to embark on a 9 month journey away again, so we will be praying hard for his safe return.


Special Request Photo From Papa, of His Grand-daughters


My Dad already had a previous picture of his Grandsons, so he specifically asked for a photo of his girls!  I was glad to oblige!


Thank you for letting me share my family memories with you.  What are you waiting for . . . let's capture your family memories too!  

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